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  • NIAA Newsletter 2014
    Keith Nicholson, Chairman
    Richard Wilde,Vice Chairman
    Alison Garrard, Treasurer
    Kathy Norman, Secretary
    Fatima Naik, Office Manager
    Festival Directors
    Nicky Hammond - Vocal & Instrumental
    Gavin Peter – Speech and Drama
    Beverley Abrahams – Literary
    Debby Hart – Visual Arts
    Committee members
    Sandra Brits, Laurin Cawood,
    Colbert Mpofu, Zane Lucas,
    Jamie McLaren


Sponsors: Mashonaland Holdings Ltd, Deloitte, CBZ Bank Ltd, Innscor Africa Ltd

Affiliates: Members of the Association of Trust Schools and other schools

Venues: Prince Edward School, Harare International School, Midlands Christian School, Twin Rivers School and Hartmann House

Communication: YoAfrica , uMax and Eset Zimbabwe for keeping us linked to the world

Volunteers who give their time to help with the running of the performing festivals and the administration involved in the Literary and Visual Arts festivals

We are always looking to expand our group of helpers!
If you would like to help with any of our festivals please call us.
Each performing festival (Vocal & Instrumental and Speech & Drama) requires at least four assistants for each session:
Mornings from 8.30 - 1 pm and
Afternoons from 2 - 4.30 (approx)


  • “Door” - issuing tickets to the general public
  • "Check-in” - booking in candidates for their performance
  • “Adjudicator’s Assistant” - sit next to the adjudicator to assist with paper work
  • “Announcer” - announce each candidate before the performance
  • Both the Literary and Visual Arts festivals require plenty of administrative work in the office

Come and join us – it’s lots of fun!
Telephone: 702989 | Email: niaa@yoafrica.com

Chairman’s message at the end of 2014
NIAA Committee 2014
Members of the Executive Committee at the awards ceremony held at Hartmann House
L-R: S Brits, A Garrard, N Hammond, K Nicholson (Chairman), R Wilde (Vice-Chairman), G Peter, K Norman, D Hart, Z Lucas, B Abraham
Not in picture: J McLaren, C Mpofu, F Naik (Office Manager)

We, at the National Institute of Allied Arts, have chalked up another successful year commencing with the Eisteddfod in March, Speech & Drama in June/July and the Literary and Visual Arts in September. The total number of entrants in all four festivals was just under 8 500, an increase of almost 10% compared to 2013. This proves that the platforms we offer remain relevant.

The vast number of entrants come from junior and senior schools which illustrates the importance the teaching profession attaches to our work. It gives them the opportunity to prepare their students to participate in any one, or more, of the four festivals and to be judged by panels of local and international adjudicators quite independently of their own schools or teachers. We remain the only nationally recognised institution which does this.

NIAA has expanded its workshops in 2014. These are primarily aimed at teachers to help them prepare their students. Our workshop leaders outline what we are looking for.If the teacher can get it right, this helps students do the same. Marks should improve, along with grades and standards. Our adjudicators for the Eisteddfod and the Speech & Drama Festival also provided valuable guidance in their public adjudications at the end of the various classes.This helped both participants and teachers.

There has been a slight increase over last year's record entry level for the Literary Festival. This year we had 2 460 entries from 48 primary and 26 high schools throughout the country.We thank our markers – 15 for the juniors and 9 for the seniors for getting through all the scripts. CBZ has again sponsored the festival for which we are enormously grateful.And, of course, thanks to our hard working festival director Beverley Abrahams for bringing it all together.

This year's theme “Communication” fired the imaginations of the Visual Arts participants, as evidenced by the variety of interpretations that were on display at an exhibition held at the Jubilee Hall, Hartmann House. Our gratitude goes to the judges who marked and graded all these works - to Wayne Stutchbury, Marlene Bornman, Laurin Cawood and Debby Hart our sincere thanks.

Vocal and Instrumental held a vocal workshop in Bulawayo – thanks to Girls College there. Speech & Drama did a series of workshops in February when our team reached some 200 teachers from 53 schools. Two workshops have been held on the Literary side; one in May which attracted 76 teachers and another, in September, which was held in conjunction with the Meikles Foundation. We thank them for their sponsorship.

A review of this year's festivals
The Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod, held over three weeks in March, attracted just over 2 000 entries, a record, and a 12% increase over last year. Remember that one choir can put 50 singers on stage – multiply all the choirs, orchestras, jazz bands, ensembles and groups and we guess there were probably up to eight thousand pairs of feet on our various stages during the festival.

There was a significant increase in the African music classes.Four adjudicators judged the festival which included western instrumental and vocal, African music, pipes and percussion.For the first time in many years we travelled to Gweru to give the Midlands a one day festival, and our international adjudicator, Andrew Sherwood, also travelled to Bulawayo to judge certain classes there.Once again, without the tremendous amount of effort put in by our Festival Director, Mrs Nicky Hammond, and her team of helpers, it wouldn't have been such a success. Our thanks are also due to our major sponsor, Mashonaland Holdings, for their continued generous support.

Our other performing festival is Speech and Drama. This attracted 1 802 entries, a 15% increase on last year.For the first time since having dropped it as a separate discipline, we re-introduced a Dance section. REPS Theatre kindly made their main stage available for this. Our thanks go to the Dance Trust who provided the adjudicators.The principal adjudicators of the festival were Victoria Bryan, executive director of the Arts Council for Long Beach, California, and Claire Wilson from South Africa.Both had extensive theatre experience. It was good to see that Shakespeare is now back in vogue with some excellent entries. Our thanks go to the hard working team headed by Gavin Peter, with Zane Lucas, Musa Saruro and Jamie McLaren. Particular thanks to our major sponsor, Deloitte.


A big welcome goes to Debby Hart who has taken over as Festival Director .I don't think she realised what she was letting herself in for; she wrote to me after the marking was complete: “We laughed and staggered, exhausted, ate cake and marvelled at hundreds and hundreds of outstanding artwork pieces.... we had a wonderful week; now for the exhibition!” We thank St Christopher's School for accommodating judging space and storage for the artwork during the school holidays .I am delighted that Laurin Cawood has remained on the committee, despite having handed over the festival director position to Debby.We thank them all, and especially our major sponsor, Innscor Africa Limited.

This synopsis of the festivals gives you an idea of the amount of work which is undertaken by a small band of volunteers .Marking and adjudicating is one thing.It's the background work before and after the festivals which is such a huge task.

A new syllabus has to be prepared and distributed for each one; changes have to be made to plug loopholes or change rules;deadlines are given for entry submissions – when these arrive the little office is a hive of activity as these are all registered and entered in their categories. We have attempted to upgrade our IT systems to cope with the sheer volume of work. Arrangements have to be made for the venues, taking into consideration those travelling from out of town; the final programme has to be agreed, printed and distributed; helpers need to be engaged to man the doors, do the announcing, marshal the participants; the final concerts for the performing festivals have to be organised, invitations printed and guests contacted. Adjudicators need to be hosted, transported, looked after and – if they are lucky – even sent to Victoria Falls or one of our star attractions. Certificates are prepared, cups returned, polished and readied for the next awards. All this is done by our committee and a willing band of helpers who come forward for each festival. They assist either in the back ground or in the front offices. Adaptability and multi-skilling are essential!

Reached our capacity
However, a note of warning.As NIAA is presently constituted it has reached its capacity.In January we held a “think tank”, or strategic planning seminar. Some of its recommendations have already been implemented, but one of the wider issues – enlarging our footprint to embrace more schools has proved difficult. As mentioned earlier, we have grown by some ten percent over last year. Without more volunteer help we will be sorely stretched to do this again.

Financially we remain in a satisfactory position due to the continued support we receive from our main festival sponsors and the ATS schools for which we are most grateful. Our membership drive proved largely unsuccessful and until we can interest someone in taking over a recruiting job, our existing office staff remain fully committed to supporting the festivals .Establishing a membership base has not been abandoned.When we have the people, we can proceed.

NIAA is grateful for all the support we receive from those who willingly give of their time to help in the office, at the festivals, man the doors and the exhibits.

Special thanks go to our festival directors Nicky Hammond for Vocal and Instrumental, Gavin Peter for Speech and Drama, Debby Hart for Visual Arts and Beverley Abrahams for the Literary Festival. All the Executive Committee of Allied Arts pitches in and helps but the brunt of the work falls on our secretary Kathy Norman, treasurer Alison Garrard and office administrator Fatima Naik.

Four Festival Directors
Festival Directors at the Awards Ceremony, Hartmann House
L-R: N Hammond, G Peter, D Hart, B Abrahams

I must also thank the British Council for continuing to cover some of the external airfares, the United States Information Service, Meikles Africa for adjudicators hospitality at Victoria Falls Hotel, Imire Game Park, the Wallbridges for so comfortably hosting visiting adjudicators and the National Arts Council. I also thank the headmasters and staff of Prince Edward, Twin Rivers, Harare International School, Midlands Christian College and Hartmann House for making available their excellent facilities for our venues.

Keith Nicholson, Chairman

Mashonaland Holdings Ltd

Vocal & Instrumental Eisteddfod - 2014

Vocal & Instrumental Eisteddfod
2014 Statistics
Honours 262 12.86%
Firsts 849 41.68%
Seconds 462 22.68%
Thirds 85 4.17%
Ungraded 7 0.34%
Withdrawn 232 11.39%
No Shows 117 5.74%
Total 2037  

The Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod ran from the 10th to the 28th March with the Final Highlights Concert on the 29th March. It was the largest festival to date with 2038 entries, 35 performing days, 4 adjudicators and 10 different venues! There were 520 entries in the African section including 52 choirs and 88 marimba ensembles, 484 Western vocal entries, 148 Western choirs and 886 Western instrumental candidates of which 30 were bands and orchestras and 75 Grade 1 pianists.

The adjudicators are critical to the success of an event such as the Eisteddfod. NIAA and the music community were thrilled to welcome back Professor Andrew Sherwood as the principal adjudicator responsible for the Western instrumental classes and co-adjudication of the Western senior school choral classes. Andrew went to Prince Edward before studying music at the Royal College of Music and is currently Professor of Violin at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, UK. The main theme of his excellent adjudications was that musicians must make time to “practise, practise and practise”!

Professor Andrew Sherwood
Professor Andrew Sherwood

Vocal Adjudicators 2014
Vocal and Instrumental Adjudicators - Ms Ainsley Ryan, Mr Vhris Sherwood and Mr Anthony Caplan with Beven Rusiwa of Watershed College, winner of the Peter Bosley Trophy

Ainsley Ryan Showalter has become an increasingly familiar face during the last three years. She is a Dartmouth College graduate and trained mezzo-soprano. This year she adjudicated all the Western vocalists and choirs. Ainsley's inspiring adjudications invariably involved her singing which was a treat for all, and who will ever forget her singing opera whilst doing “the plank” to demonstrate the level of fitness needed to sing properly! We wish Ainsley and her family all the best as they make a new life in Cape Town next year.

Anthony Caplan, studied music at Rhodes University, South Africa, specialising in African music under the tutelage of Professor Andrew Tracey. He adjudicated all the African music classes as well as the Western guitar and drum kit candidates, whilst Malcolm Bethune, the pipe major of the Zimbabwean Caledonian Society, adjudicated the bagpipe and drumming classes. NIAA is extremely grateful to all of them for agreeing to take on this very difficult task and for sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with the candidates.

The Eisteddfod ran everyday for three consecutive weeks but to accommodate all the entries we had several venues operating simultaneously, three on four days and two on a further nine days. The majority of the classes were held at Prince Edward School with African vocals and mbira in the Beit Hall, marimba on the Indoor Basketball Court, most Western instrumentals in the Music Auditorium, bagpipes and drumming on the fields, and many Western vocals in the Chapel. We used the Chapel for the first time this year and it made a lovely intimate venue, especially for the younger singers. I would like to thank Mr Sora, the Headmaster of Prince Edward School for so generously allowing NIAA to use all these facilities. We would also like to thank Twin Rivers School for hosting the Western junior school choirs and Harare International School for the use of their Performing Arts Theatre for the African choirs, Western senior school choirs as well as all the jazz ensembles, bands and orchestras.

Winners of the Voacl Challenge 2014
Winners of the Vocal Challenge awards: Hannah Mago, Monica Trollope Trophy (Best lady singer 16-30); Jared Manasseh, Harry Tudball Trophy (Best singer any age) and Bevan Rusiwa, Peter Bosley Trophy (Best male singer 16-18)

Candidates from Midlands and Bulawayo usually travel to Harare to participate in the Eisteddfod but with growing numbers from these regions, NIAA decided to “take” the Eisteddfod to them. On Friday 21st March, Professor Sherwood adjudicated at the Robert Sibson Hall, Bulawayo in the morning and ran a Western music workshop in the afternoon. Ms Ainsley Ryan and Mr Anthony Caplan adjudicated 88 entries, including 16 choirs at Midlands Christian College on Monday 24th March - a “marathon” day as it also included the drive to and from Gweru. NIAA would like to thank the Zimbabwe Academy of Music, the British Council Music Project and Midlands Christian College for all their assistance with these events.

There were a number of outreach sessions during the year. Ms Ryan presented a series of vocal master classes; many thanks to Arundel, Chisipite Senior, Gateway High, Girls College, Hellenic Academy and Peterhouse for hosting these. During the Eisteddfod, Professor Sherwood offered three violin workshops at Harare International School in addition to the one in Bulawayo, whilst Mr Caplan ran a guitar workshop at Prince Edward. These were all thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers and young musicians that attended them.

Sadly, Neil Chapman died on 20th March during the Eisteddfod. He was a great friend of NIAA and an outstanding piano teacher to the very end - he had 13 entries this year of which 6 received Honours, 4 a First plus and 3 a First. Cups were awarded to five of his Honours candidates. He will be greatly missed by us all.

NIAA would like to take this opportunity to thank Mashonaland Holdings for their continued generous support of the Music Eisteddfod and the British Council for sponsoring an air ticket from the UK for Professor Sherwood as well as one to Bulawayo. I would also like to thank everyone that contributed in any way but especially the teachers, candidates, accompanists, and NIAA volunteers for their dedicated commitment to making the Eisteddfod the success it was.

The 2015 Eisteddfod Syllabus was released in October so please contact the NIAA office if you have not had a copy. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Nicky Hammond, Festival Director

Vocal & Instrumental Festival Cup Winners

Eduloan Trophy - Marimba Ensembles - Junior Schools Dominican Convent Primary
“African Voice Cup" - A Cappella Ensembles - Senior Schools Arundel
African Music Ensemble Cup - African Music Ensembles St Mary's High Mbira Ensemble
Kutinya Challenge Trophy - Marimba Challenge - Senior Schools Prince Edward
Nic Manomano Challenge Trophy - Marimba Challenge - Junior Schools- Marimba Junior Borrowdale Primary
Acorn Cup - African Junior Choirs Avondale Primary
Rotary Ethnic Choir Cup - African Traditional / Contemporary Choirs Chisipite Senior
Watershed Choir Cup - African Gospel Choirs Zengeza 1 High
Ticha Muzavzi Nyunga Nyunga Mbira Prizes
Best Solo - Beginner Tadiwa Karidza (Dominican Convent)
Best Solo - Intermediate Prosper Tani (Hermann Gmeiner)
Best Solo - Advanced Tinovimba Chakupa (Prince Edward)
Best African Music Solo
Solo - Beginner Perle Badza (Highlands)
Solo - Intermediate Blessing Musekiwa (Prince Edward)
Solo - Advanced Thobile Mawerera (St John's College)
Best African Music Duet
Best Duet - Intermediate; T Nyamutsahuni / P Mandigora (Churchill)
Best Duet - Advanced B Hungwe / T Mupaya (Gateway High)
Best African Music Ensemble
Best Ensemble - Beginner Highlands School Vocal Ensemble
Best Ensemble - Intermediate Zimbabwe College of Music Marimbas
Best Ensemble - Advanced Chuurchill Mbira Trio
Eddie Rider Shield - Piano Solo Baroque - Grades 3 & 4 Mukai Mahachi
Well Wisher Cup - Piano Solo Baroque - Grade 7 Christopher Kang (N Chapman)
Eileen Reynolds Cup - Piano Solo Baroque - Grade 8 Chenhui Han (N Chapman)
ZSMT Cup - Piano Solo Classical - Grade 5 & over Christopher Kang (N Chapman)
Carol Baron Beethoven Cup - Grade 5 & over Christopher Kang (N Chapman)
Carol Baron Trophy - Piano Solo Romantic - Grade 5 & over Natalie Carroll
Pat Duffy Memorial Trophy - Piano Solo 20th Century - Any Grade Chanyoung Hyeon (N Chapman)
Little Cup - Piano Solo Own Choice - Grade 1 to 4 Nyasha Mazonde (Chisipite School)
NIAA Cup - Piano Solo Own Choice - Grade 5 to 8 Chanyoung Hyeon (N Chapman)
Headington Cup - Piano Sonata - Grade 5 & over Emma Grotto (Chisipite Senior)
College Sinfonietta Cup - Instrumental Sonata - Grade 5 & over Claudia Hill (Chisipite Senior)
Carol Baron Concerto Cup - Instrumental Concerto - Grade 5 & over Sophie Bean (J Micklem)
Di Wright Cup - Bowed Strings - Under 16 Abigail Macy (HIS)
Joy Knowles Cup - Bowed Strings - 16 & over& Graham Peto (C Peto)
NIAA Wind Solo Cup - Woodwind Solo - Under 18 Sam Whitcomb (Peterhouse)
NIAA Brass Cup - Brass Solo - Any Grade Christopher du Toit (Hellenic Academy)
NIAA Bagpipe Cup - Bagpipe Solo- Any Level Daan Post (St John's College)
Border Cup - Recorder Solo - Grade 1 to 5 Rungano Mayo (Twin Rivers)
Kauffling Cup - Recorder Solo - Grade 6 & Over Tinashe Rwodzi (Seventh Day Adventist School)
Bryden Trophy - Recorder Bands Bryden Country School
Mashonaland Holdings Trophy - Bands - Open Marindera Schools Big Band
NIAA CUP - Junior Orchestras Chisipite Junior School
NIAA Orchestra Cup - Open Harare International School & Chisipite String Orchestra
NIAA Ensemble Cup - Instrumental anblesd/or Vocal Ennsembles Robyn Dawanyi & Anele Mhlanga (Gateway High)
Cynthia Sonnenberg Cup - Sight Reading - Under 18 Rochelle Dowding (Chisipite Senior)
Graham Johnson Cup - Accompanying Claire Bradnum
Vocal Awards Winner
Pat Duffy Cup - Vocal Solo- Under 14 Mufarowashe Mangwiro
Lynette Welch Cup - Vocal Solo Girls- Under 18 Robyn Dawanyi (Gateway High)
Blythe Kruger Trophy -Vocal Solo - Boys under 18 Anele Mhlanga (Gateway High)
Flora McCallum Cup - Vocal Solo 18 - 21 years Molly Dzangare (L Kelly)
Lorna Kelly Cup - Vocal Solo - Open Donovan Jairos (L Kelly)
Dr Griffiths TYrophy - Opera Solo Molly Dzangare (L Kelly)
Paddy Edgecumbe Cup - Recital Jared Manasseh (L Kelly)
Greta Muir Cup - Leider (singer and accompanist) N Hopkins / H Tselentis-Diaskouris (M Dennis)
Peter Bosley Trophy - Male Singers 16 - 18 years Challenge Beven Rusiwa (Watershed College)
Monica Trollope Trophy - Lady Singers 16 - 30 ygeears Challen Hannah Mago (Kyle College)
Harry Tudball Trophy - Any Singer over 18 years Challenge Jared Manasseh (L Kelly)
Caledonian Floating Trophy - Madrigals Chisipite Senior School
Choral Awards Winner
Astra Cup - Choirs Grades 1 & 2 The Heritage Primary
John Gardiner Cup - Choirs - Grade 3 Dominican Convent Primary
Grace Cup - Choirs - Grade 5 Dominican Convent Primary
Thomson Cup - Choirs - Grade 4 Westridge Primary
Kath Kenny Cup - Choirs - Junior Girls Dominican Convent Primary
Mashonaland Cambrian Cup - Choirs - Junior Mixed Springvale House
Gem Mercer Cup - Choirs - Forms I & II Girls Peterhouse Girls
Blythe Kruger Shield - Choirs - Senior Boys Peterhouse bOYS
Mashonaland Cambrian Cup - Choirs - Senior Girls Chisipite Senior
Senior Schools Trophy - Choirs - Senior Mixed Kyle College
NIAA Church Choirs Cup - Church Choirs Peterhouse
NIAA Praise Cup - Gospel Choirs Prince Edward School
Liptz Cup - Choirs - Open Zimspiration Choir
NIAAA Cappella Cup - Choirs Unaccompanied St Mary’s High
General Awards Winner
Adjudicator’sCup for an outstanding item Hannah Mago (Kyle College)
Esther Lacy Cup for musicality and charm Robyn Dawanyi (Gateway High)
Pocket Cup - most promising musician under 17 Gareth Keevil (Ruzawi)
Laurence & Cope Cup Most promising musician 17 - 21 Tinashe Rodzi (Seventh Day Adventist School)
Saunders Floating Trophy Most promising singer 17 - 19 Joshua Cannings (Gateway High)
Diana Mellon Scholarship To a Zimbabwean student aged 10 -17 years for Piano / organ studies Sasha Baker (Peterhouse Girls) & Tavonga Sibanda (St George's College)
Neels Boonzaaier Recognition Trophy To a student for all-round contribution in all aspects of music Claudia Hill (Chisipite Senior)


Speech and Drama Festival - 2014

Speech and Drama Festival 2014 Statistics
Honours 220 12.22%
Firsts 633 35.17%
Seconds 539 29.94%
Thirds 148 8.22%
Ungraded 17 0.94%
Withdrawn 181 9.56%
No Shows 64 3.46%
Total 1802  
  • DVDs of the final concert of the Speech & Drama Festival 2014
    are on sale for $10.00 each at the NIAA office

Speech & Drama Workshop facilitators
Speech & Drama Festival Workshop facilitators. L-R: Zane Lucas, Musa Saruro, Bob Mutumbi. Not Pictured: James Carey

Following on from successful workshops held in May/June 2013, the Speech and Drama team put their heads together and came up with a plan to take workshops to schools. Between the 3rd and 14th February a team comprising James Carey, Musa Saruro and Bob Mutumbi visited the Midlands, Bulawayo, Mutare and Marondera holding six workshops ending with five workshops in Harare. In all, 209 teachers attended from 53 schools. Among the many comments received were some reminding everyone how important it is for teachers to have opportunities for support and training, to be rewarded, as “this makes us better teachers.” The teachers feedback to the trainers was also positive, mentioning that they were “passionate”, “hilarious”, “lively” and “well prepared”.

The Festival itself, ran from the 23rd June to the 11th July, beginning in the Midlands Province, before transferring to Harare for two weeks. The festival allows children and adults to express themselves through Drama, Speech, Mime, Improvisation and Poetry, amongst other skills. The international adjudicators, Claire Wilson from South Africa and Victoria Bryan from the United Kingdom and America, worked hard to see each candidate individually and give each a unique and honest response to their performance. The Festival has the motto of 'Confidence through Success', as our children will grow in confidence if they achieve true success. Having an impartial adjudicator, who measures them on an international level, guarantees that the success they gain is true and so this will build real confidence. There were over 7500 children and adults who performed this year at four different schools – Midlands Christian College, Prince Edward School, Twin Rivers and the Harare International.

This year there was a great improvement in the Shakespearean section. Public Speaking was reintroduced for seniors and a new section, Movement (Dance) attracted a small number of candidates but it is anticipated that this will grow over the next few years.

The annual Speech and Drama festival concluded with a successful concert at the Harare International School auditorium. Our Guest of Honour was the United States Ambassador, Mr Bruce Wharton.

Next year promises to be even more exciting. More workshops will run in the early part of the year to strengthen both the work and the teaching and the Festival itself will be in late June, early July 2015.

Gavin Peter


Winners of Centenary Cup
Victoria Bryan, Junior Speech & Drama Adjudicator and Gavin Peter, Festival Director, with Winnie Bajilla and students from Ariel school who won the Centenary Cup for the best recital

Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson - Senior Speech & Drama Adjudicator giving an adjudication in the Prince Edward School Beit Hall

There is incredible power in the arts to inspire and influence.
Julie Taymore

It is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression.
Alfred North Whitehead

Musa Saruro conducting a Speech & Drama workshop at Bishopslea School in February
Musa Saruro conducting a Speech & Drama workshop at Bishopslea School in February

Speech & Drama Festival Cup Winners 2014

Best Item of Junior Poetry
Julia Dawes, Ruth Rodger Studio At the Theatre
Best item of Senior Poetry
Shao-Hu Li, St John's College Dulce et Decorum Est
Best item of Prose
Amira Naik, Chisipite Senior School / Jamie McLaren Studio Pride & Prejudice
Best Item of Public Speaking
Ankush Chohan, Jamie McLaren Studio Nat & the Great Bath Climb
Best Recital
Ariel School Grade 5 Charles Mungoshi
Most Creative Group
Chisipite Senior Drama, Chisipite Senior School 12 Angry Jurors
Best Item in Choral Speaking
Dominican Convent Grade 5 Parents Evening / Spaghetti
Most points in Choral Speaking
Heritage School
Best Play, Playlet or Dramatic Excerpt
Prince Edward School High Touch
Best Monologue - any age
Sam Brakarsh, Hellenic Academy On the Western Front
Best Duologue - any age
Yanano Musingarabwi & Zwelihle Bukhwele, Kyle College Blood Brothers
Best Shakespearean Item
Sophie O’Donoghue, Chisipite Senior School As You Like It
Best Shakespearean Sonnet
Rory Tsapayi, St John’s College Sonnet 55
Best Improvisation
Thulani Nzonzo & K Mutsavanga, St George’s College You only get One Chance
Best News Reading Item
Laura Van Schie & Maona Munya, Chisipite Senior School Domestic News
Best Mime
R Pswarayi & A Gavaza, Midlands Christian College Driving Test
Best Original Item
Lia Brazier, Hellenic Academy A Letter to My Childhood
Best Junior Item
Andile & Zoleka Sibanda
Midlands Christian School
My Dad, Your Dad
Best Intermediate Item
Sam Brakarsh, Hellenic Academy On the Western Front
Best Senior Item
Amira Naik, Chispite Senior School / Jamie McLaren Studio Pride & Prejudice
Best Junior All Rounder
Irfaan Surtee, Kyle Prepartory School
Best Intermediate All Rounder
Sam Brakarsh (7 Honours, 1 First), Hellenic Academy / Jamie McLaren Studio
Runner Up: Rory Tsapayi
Best Senior All Rounder
Amira Naik (6 Honours, 2 Firsts), Chispite Senior School / Jamie McLaren Studio
Runner Up: Stacey Read

Literary Festival - 2014

Literary Festival
2014 Statistics
Honours 155 6.3%
Firsts 588 23.9%
Seconds 929 37.76%
Thirds 656 26.67%
Total 2460  

Yet another page in the NIAA Literary Festival has been turned, on a season characterised by innovation, challenge and success. This festival continues to grow, and this year 2460 entries were received from 74 schools from around Zimbabwe.

The year kicked off with the syllabus in schools in the first term, and two workshops in the second term. The first workshop for teachers was held on the 31st of May 2014, to which 76 teachers from a wide range of schools and learning centres attended. The objective was to de-mystify poetry and to teach participants the basic tenets that characterise this exciting craft. The highlight of the workshop was certainly the group writing of poetry which produced amusing as well as profound pieces.

This event was followed by a small in-house workshop at Acorn Foundation school, at the invitation of the head, Miriam Dott, who wanted teachers in her vicinity of Hatfield to benefit from what she had learnt at the poetry workshop.

Young Zimbabweab writers
Young Zimbabwean writers who participated in the workshop held in September. L-R: Philani Nyoni; Lawrence Hoba; Beverley Abrahams, Festival Director; Tinashe Mushakavanhu; Ethel Kwabato

One of the highlights of the season was the much anticipated Young Writer's Workshop, which was five months in the planning and was finally realised through a joint collaboration of the NIAA and The Meikles Foundation. 114 students from 29 schools attended this workshop, it was the first time that the Literary festival was able to bring about an interaction between student writers and published Zimbabwean writers, and the initiative was greeted with enthusiasm by students and teachers.

The Meikles Foundation were one of the sponsors of the prestigious Caine Africa writers prize for 2014, and as such were involved with a number of shortlisted Zimbabwean writers, namely Philani Nyoni and Lawrence Hoba. These two writers, along with Ethel Kwabato and Tinashe Mushakavanhu, two previous Caine shortlisted candidates, formed the distinguished band of facilitators who shared their writing experiences and inspiration with the young writers who attended the workshop. Westridge High School generously donated their hall and four classrooms for the event, as well as twenty book prizes for the best prose and poetry writers.



Beverley Abrahams and Jon Calderwood
Beverley Abrahams, Festival Director with Guest of Honour, Jon Calderwood, Headmaster, Hartmann House at the awards ceremony

The culmination of the Literary festival calendar for 2014 was the prize-giving ceremony held at Hartmann House on the 27th of September. In addition to invited guests and our guest of honour, Jon Calderwood, it brought together, for the first time at this auspicious occasion, all four festival directors and almost all members of the executive committee of the NIAA. As always, this ceremony rewarded those who had excelled in the 2014 festival. A pleasing coincidence, was Heidi Langton of Chisipite Senior School, who was adjudicated by the writers to be best prose and poetry writer in the age group 15 to 18 years at the Young Writers workshop; who then went on to win national awards for prose and poetry in the Literary festival as well. It came as no surprise that she was awarded the trophy for outstanding writer in the senior schools category. Her double victory affirms the high standards of the festival.


Best Junior and Senior writers
Nina Games, Best Junior Writer (Hellenic Primary) and Heidi Langton, Best Senior Writer Chisipite Senior)

The annual prize-giving event was also a time to celebrate the overcoming of challenges; this year it was sourcing markers for the increasing number of entries and trying to ensure that standards had been maintained; and thanking those who make this festival possible. The NIAA is most grateful to the Literary festival sponsor, CBZ Bank, without their generous sponsorship the workshops would not have been possible. Thanks also go to The Meikles Foundation for sponsoring the Zimbabwean writers, to Westridge High School for providing a venue and book prizes, and to Hartmann House for the venue for prize-giving. Thanks also go to my helpers who gave of their time, our secretary and my colleague, Kathy Norman, who is indispensable to organising activities and keeping me on track, Fatima Naik, Sandra Brits, Sheila George, Betty Nenjerama, and last but not least, Lauren and Erin Abrahams.

Bev Abrahams

Literary Festival 2014 Prize Winners

  • Best Senior Writer
    Heidi Langton, Form III, Chisipite Senior School

    Who would have thought?

    Who would have thought
    There would be a fractured kind of beauty
    In shattered shards of glass?
    The glitter and sparkling colours
    Both sudden and soon to pass.

    Who would have thought
    That through a veil of dust and smoke
    Would appear a work of art?
    Sunsets to steal the breath
    And spirit away the heart.

    Who would have thought
    That during the darkest hour
    The stars would shine most bright?
    The icy brilliant fire
    Lifting dreams to flight.

    Who would have thought
    That in the ashes of destruction
    Life would root anew?
    The vibrancy of colourful hope
    Softening the view.

    Who would have thought
    That in the violence of the storm
    Would flare a brief, bright flash?
    A glimpse of fleeting glory
    Illuminating with a crash.

    Who would have thought
    That in pursuit of beauty
    Within the depths one /delves
    We glean an understanding
    And learn to see ourselves?


Best Junior Writer Nina Games, Hellenic Primary
Best Senior Writer Heidi Langton, Chisipite Senior
Junior Schools
Joint - Grade 2 Prose Saahil Darvesh, Twin Rivers
Rowan Thomas, Whitestone
Joint - Grade 3 Prose Yousuf Omar, Twin Rivers
Matipa Karimazondo, Chisipite Junior
Grade 4 Prose Emma Price, Whitestone
Grade 4 Poetry Michael Lanca, Hellenic Primary
Grade 5 Prose Nina Games, Hellenic Primary
Grade 5 Poetry Carl Taylor-Freeme, Lomagundi College Primary
Grade 6 Prose James Wakefield, Gateway Primary
Grade 6 Poetry Dane Schandendorf, Ruzawi
Grade 7 Prose Barnaby Whitfield, Hellenic Primary
Joint - Grade 7 Poetry Tyla Falkenberg, Lomagundi College Primary
William Selby, Ruzawi
Senior Schools
Form I Prose Priyanna Patel, Girls’ College
Form I Poetry Erin Lorimer, Chisipite Senior
Form II Prose Byron Rusch, St John’s College
Form II Poetry Brooke Bester, Lomagundi College
Form III Prose Heide Langton, Chisipite Senior
Form III Poetry Heidi Langton, Chisipite Senior
Form IV Prose Thembani Magazi, St John’s College
Form IV Poetry Rory Tsapayi, St John’s College
Open Prose Ben Hlatshwayo, St John’s College
Innscor Africa Ltd

Visual Arts Festival - 2014

Visual Arts Festival
2014 Statistics
Honours 144 6.83%
Firsts 424 20.11%
Seconds 929 44.07%
Thirds 611 28.98%
Total 2108  
Artowork on display 1  Artwork on display 2  Artwork on display 3
Artwork on display at the Jubilee Hall, Hartmann House

The theme for 2014 was Communication and within this theme the students were invited to present work on such topics as "making music", "flower power", "smoke signals", "reaching out" amongst others.

The festival attracted 2108 entries from 49 junior schools including schools from as far afield as Mvurachena in Chipingi and St Thomas Aquinas in Bulawayo and 12 senior schools.

We are most grateful again to St Christopher's School who allowed the schools to deliver artwork directly to the school where the adjudication took place during the August holidays. On Friday the 8th of August 2014, artwork started pouring in just as the doors opened. A tight system was in place so that work was not misplaced or wrongly categorised. As a result, the receiving of 2108 pieces of artwork (including some fifty or so, three-dimensional pieces) went smoothly with a strong group of volunteers ensuring that everything was correctly coded and made ready for the adjudication process and exhibition.

Best Junior and Senior artists
Kallen Wilke, Best Junior Artist and Emmanuel Silva, Best Senior Artist

Adjudication took place over the week of the 18th to 22nd August. The adjudicators for the junior work were Laurin Cawood and Debby Hart, and Wayne Stutchbury and Marlene Bornman adjudicated the senior work. The team worked together in selecting prize winners. Festival Director, Debby Hart, said "Overall the standard of work was high, original and varied and we had a marvellous time studying the hundreds of outstanding pieces of artwork".


We are grateful to Hartmann House for allowing us to use the Jubilee Hall for the exhibition which ran from the 22nd to 29th September. Bus loads of school children swept into the hall, herded by their overwhelmed teacher, to see the artwork on display. The children themselves were entranced by the colour and impact of the show. And so many were "bursting" to see their work included and "on show"!

First Grade painting
Rutenda Mawumba, Grade 1 Barwick School, received a First Grade for her painting. When her father saw the painting on display all he could say was, "I am very proud!"

Debby Hart said, "Whether a child receives a prize or not, the important part for the child, is to just be a PART of the exhibition."

The institute is indebted to Innscor for sponsorship of the Visual Arts Festival and to the many volunteers who gave their time to ensure that the process from receiving entries to handing them back to students went smoothly.

Visual Arts Festival Prize Winners 2014

Best Junior Artist Kallen Wilke St John's Prep
Best Senior Artist Emmanuel Silva Prince Edward
1st Heather Mufukwa Creative Arts Nursery
1st Jerrad Gwandere Heritage Primary
1st Group Grade 0 Group Kadoma Montessori
2nd Group La Moyenne Ecole Francaise
1st Aluwisi Phiri St Thomas Aquinas
2nd Tanaka Chimombe Cecil John Rhodes School
1st Group Year 1 West LS Heritage Primary
2nd Group Grade One Bryden Country School
1st Theodore Michael Midlands Christian School
2nd Nyasha Chidakwa Rydings School
1st Group Grade 2 H Bishopslea School
2nd Group Fireworks Group S Heritage Primary
1st Khayelihle Mguquka Midlands Christian School
2nd Prim Chikukutu Hellenic Primary
1st Russell Matete Twin Rivers Primary
2nd Jacqueline Lock Ruzawi School
3rd Niall Chiweshe Westridge Primary
1st Group Grade 4 Step Ahead School
2nd Group Grade 4 Acorn Foundation Primary
1st Anshe Kelder Bishopslea School
1st Group Grade 5 Lilfordia School
2nd Group Grade 5 Twin Rivers Primary School
1st Kallen Wilke St John's Prep School
2nd Hamish Cumming Hellenic Primary School
1st Sasha Gemmil Hellenic Primary School
2nd Nhamo Mkondo Ruzawi School
3rd Bertus Visagie Bryden Country School
1st Group Grade 7 Sharon School
Form I
1st Mikalea Lovell St Christopher's School
Form II
1st Erica Robertson Hellenic Academy
1st Stephanie Bell St Christopher's School
Form III
1st Vladimir Korkut Hellenic Academy
2nd Tanyaradzwa Matseketsa Eaglesvale High
Form IV
1st Tinotenda Katiro Gateway High School
1st Jieun Roh Celebration International
1st Emmanuel Silva Prince Edward School

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