The Visual Arts festival has grown and matured, since receiving 250 entries at its launch in 1998, to the 1200 entries received in 2022. We announce the Visual Arts festival theme, and publish our curriculum in March/April. Entries are submitted in early August, and our highly experienced, professional adjudication team gets to work. All visual arts artwork is submitted under nom de plumes, so that adjudicators are blinded when adjudicating the work, to both the name of the student and school. Each work of art is individually assessed, and marked according to our carefully considered marking rubric.


We are very fortunate, and extremely happy to return to ‘normalcy’ in 2022, following two years of Facebook virtual exhibitions, as a result of the covid pandemic precautions. We received an incredibly high standard of work across the board, testimony to the phenomenal talent of Zimbabwean students nationwide. Submissions shot up this year as news leaked out of the pending real-life, physical festival. We hope to receive, encourage and welcome even more entries next year, especially from secondary schools who were a little shy in 2022, as we continued to re-emerge from COVID.


A selection of the best work is recognized at an exciting prize-giving ceremony, in September/October each year, where students are awarded a plethora of wonderful trophies and prizes in recognition of their achievements. This is accompanied by our beautifully choreographed exhibition of artwork, celebrating and upholding visual arts standards and achievements across the country. All schools and students, and the public generally, are encouraged to visit, and enjoy the exhibition over the week following prize-giving


Best Junior Artist - Anopaishe Manyaya, Dominican Convent Primary
Best Senior Artist - Nikita Mketiwa, Midland Christian College