The Visual Arts festival has grown and matured, since receiving 250 entries at its launch in 1998, to the 1300 entries received in 2019. Numbers have dropped since the beginning of the Covid lockdowns as a result of the various problems experienced by schools across the country – both financial and other. However, we predict a return to normalcy once students are back to school in 2021. We announce the Visual Arts festival theme, and publish our curriculum in March. Entries are submitted in early August, and our highly experienced, professional adjudication team gets to work.

Up until 2020 all entries were physically received, but in 2020, due to lockdown, candidates were invited to submit photographs of their work on email and they were adjudicated on our lively facebook page exhibition by our team of adjudicators. Our current 2021 plan is that the festival will follow the same format as in 2020 and, as with the Literary festival, the selection of the best work will be recognized at a ceremony which will be determined by any pandemic protocols that might be in place in the third term of this year. 


Interior of the Jubilee Hall Exhibition 2019
Art Gallery Exhibition 2019