This festival offers a platform for musically talented candidates to perform and be adjudicated by professional musicians in their chosen field:

African music – mbira, marimba, other traditional instruments, vocals – solos, ensembles and choral work.

Western music –  piano, recorder, wind and brass instruments, jazz, big bands, vocals – solos, ensembles and choral work.

It is usually held in March. In 2021 whilst the country was in the gripps of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eisteddfod still ran, albeit in a very different format.  It went “virtual” using the NIAA Facebook and YouTube pages as platforms for performances of highlighted submissions which had been adjudicated by Paul Colman, based in the UK.   

In 2022, the Festival is back “live”, with over 1000 entries which will see candidates perform at Prince Edward School, Gateway High School, Midlands Christian College and St John’s College.